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Fluid Therapy (Pharmaceuticals - Veterinary)

0.45% Sodium Chloride 500ml

5.0% Dextrose In Normosol-R 1000ml

Amino Acid Oral Solution 500ml

Baxter Sodium Chloride Irrigation 250ml 24ct

Dextrose 5% In 0.9% Saline 1000ml

Dextrose 5% In Normosol-M 1000ml

Dextrose 5.0% In Lactated Ringers 1000ml

Dextrose 5.0% In Water 1000ml

Dextrose 50% Injection 500ml

Hospira Lactated Ringers 1000ml

Hospira Lactated Ringers 250ml

Hospira Normal Saline 1000ml

Hospira Normal Saline 250ml

Hospira Normosol-R 1000ml

Hospira Normosol-R Ph 7.4% 1000ml

Hospira Sodium Chloride Irrigation 1000ml 12ct

Hospira Sodium Chloride Irrigation 500ml 24ct

Hypertonic Saline 7.2% 1000ml

  • SKU: 1264077
  • MFG Code: 57319-554-08
  • Unit of Measure: EA

Lactated Ringers 1000ml Rigid Bottle 12ct (No graduations)

Procalamine Injection 3% 1000ml

  • SKU: 1038232
  • MFG: SPI
  • MFG Code: JS9050
  • Unit of Measure: EA

Ringers Injection 1000ml

Saline Irrigation 1000ml

Sterile Saline 250ml Injection Plastic Bottle

Sterile Water 250ml