Cardiovascular Drugs (Pharmaceuticals - Veterinary)

Benazepril Tabs 20mg 100ct Solco Label

Cardalis 20mg / 2.5mg Chew Tab 30ct (Orange)

Cardalis 40mg / 5mg Chew Tab 30ct (Blue)

Cardalis 80mg / 10mg Chew Tab 30ct (Green)

Digoxin Tablets 0.25mg 250Mcg 100ct

  • SKU: 1850223
  • MFG: SPI
  • MFG Code: 1030220
  • Unit of Measure: EA

Digoxin Tabs 0.125mg 100ct

Enalapril Tabs 10mg 1000ct

Enalapril Tabs 10mg 100ct

Enalapril Tabs 2.5mg 1000ct

Enalapril Tabs 2.5mg 100ct

Enalapril Tabs 20mg 1000ct

Enalapril Tabs 20mg 100ct

Enalapril Tabs 5mg 1000ct

Enalapril Tabs 5mg 100ct

Isoxsuprine Tabs 20mg 1000ct

Pentoxifylline Tabs 400mg Extended Release 100ct

Semintra Oral Solution 10mg/ml 35ml

Taurine Tabs 250mg 100ct

  • SKU: 1076514
  • MFG: Pet-Ag
  • MFG Code: 99575
  • Unit of Measure: EA

Vetmedin Chew Tabs 10mg 50ct (++Shipping but on allocationI)

Vetmedin Chew Tabs 2.5mg 50ct (++Shipping but on allocation)

Vetmedin Chew Tabs 5mg 50ct (++Shipping but on allocation)