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Bayer Corporation

Baytril Injection 2.27% 20ml

Baytril Otic Solution 15ml 12/bx

Baytril Purple Tabs 22.7mg 100ct ($65.84)

Baytril Purple Tabs 22.7mg 500ct ($266.98)

Baytril Purple Tabs 68mg 250ct ($343.23)

Baytril Purple Tabs 68mg 50ct ($83.83)

Baytril Taste Tab 22.7mg 500ct

Baytril Taste Tab 68mg 250ct

Baytril Taste Tab 68mg 50ct

Baytril Taste Tabs 136mg 200ct

Baytril Taste Tabs 22.7mg 100ct

Droncit Feline Tabs 23mg 150ct

Droncit Injection 10ml

Droncit Injection 50ml

Droncit Tabs Canine 34mg 150ct

Droncit Tabs Canine 50ct

Droncit Tabs Feline 23mg 50ct

Drontal Plus Chew Tab 136mg 30ct

Drontal Plus Chew Tab 22.7mg 40ct

Drontal Plus Chew Tab 68mg 40ct

Drontal Plus Tabs 136mg 30ct

Drontal Plus Tabs 68mg 50ct ++(Out of stock with Elanco--ETA 3/8/21) ++

Drontal Tabs Feline 50ct ++(Out of stock with Elanco--ETA week of 3/29/21)++