Aniset IV Spiral Set 136" 15 Drop

Aniset IV Spiral Set 136" 15 Drop
Aniset IV Spiral Set 136" 15 Drop
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Aniset IV Spiral Set 136" 15 Drop

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Product Description

136” length IV set with fully integrated spiral tube (94”). High standard tubing allows full extensibility and full recoil for improved patient mobility and user convenience.


Aniset Anti-Kink® provides superior benefits to the animal patient and practice throughout the infusion.

Aniset Anti-Kink® is available in a variety of designs and configuration to best suit the dynamics and therapeutic treatments of your practice and the equipment you use.

Place the tubing above the first injection port into the pump as this is the section of tube engineered to fit within the pump. It is always advisable to invert injection ports as the fluid is about to fill this part of the tubing, this forces dead-space air from the line.