A.O.E. Animal Odor Eliminator 8oz

A.O.E. Animal Odor Eliminator 8oz
A.O.E. Animal Odor Eliminator 8oz
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A.O.E. Animal Odor Eliminator 8oz

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Product Description


Eliminates odors on the animal including anal gland secretion, tom cat spray, necrotic tissue, urine, feces, emesis, etc. Also can be used in the kennel and grooming areas and the dog & cat wards. Use A.O.E. to eliminate odors on walls and floors and in cages and other large areas of the clinic. Keeping these areas clean and odor-free will ensure that all of your patients are sent home in optimal condition and that the unpleasant odors in the clinic are not going home with them. A.O.E. products eliminate odors, they do not mask them. They are not enzymes so they can be used in areas where other cleaning solutions have been used without a decrease in efficacy


Directions for Use

For quick, permanent results spray directly on the source of the odor (on the animal, accident area, bedding, cage, litter) or anywhere odor exists. If odor persists after A.O.E. has dried, the source of the odor has not been reached. Continue to reapply as necessary. Use as an air freshener for quick but temporary relief by spraying two or more times in the air